There is increasing noise being made around frictionless checkout technology in the retail world. This tech brings computer-vision and AI, allowing consumers to pick up their shopping and walk out without stopping to pay. Currently, only Amazon has brought this tech to locations larger than a convenience store; however, this is looking like it’s about to change. Last week it was reported that Israeli checkout-tech start up Trigo plans to use the recent $100million it raised to bring its gear to ‘full sized supermarkets’.

A seamless checkout experience has become more important as tech advancements grow. It’s rare to even carry a wallet anymore with iPhones doubling up as payment devices with just a simple click of a button or Face ID.  It’s widely viewed that no matter how well your establishment is set-up or how great the customer service is – if the checkout experience is long, laborious and slow, the whole experience is muddied and consumers leave feeling frustrated.

As autonomous checkout sweeps through retailers, and consumers are increasingly exposed to it, it will gradually become as accepted (and expected) as Apple Pay is. For hospitality operators, it is too becoming a popular choice. And for workplace hospitality operators, who are adapting to hybrid working patterns, reduced footfall in the office and therefore a more challenging environment when it comes to driving revenue, it’s essential the office dining areas are as operationally-sound as they can be.

With autonomous checkout (AI-based image recognition or ‘vision checkout’), checkouts are quite literally being given ‘vision’; eyes to view what food items are on the plate, recognise them and calculate the price.

Speed is one of the most significant perks that comes with autonomous checkout. Recognition of what is on the plate takes place within half a second – far quicker than any other checkout set-up – and brings a whole new meaning to ‘grab and go’. This means queues are virtually non-existent, if not eradicated completely.

We’ve seen an increase in demand from workplaces who are seeking tech solutions to enhance the consumer experience in their hospitality areas. Not only this, but to enhance their overall business operation, such as the invaluable transaction data collected from autonomous checkout which can inform procurement, reduce food waste and tailor loyalty programmes.

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