API’s & Integrations

APIs allow different software systems to exchange data and functionality in a consistent and standardised way. More often than not the greatest need is to facilitate the manipulation of transactional data between 2 systems when a secure SFTP feed is not appropriate. Zucchetti has a wealth of experience delivering bespoke API’s to clients that have more sophisticated requirements and have integrated with the leading applications that will enable your business to continue to grow and achieve a competitive advantage.


Accessible analytics online or via a mobile dashboard, the reporting tool is a convenient way of monitoring daily revenues and performance even when you are not onsite or on the move. 

Key features

  • Valuable transaction data captured from every touchpoint
  • Complete visibility of operations
  • Scheduled reports
  • View online or via convenient dashboard SFTP tailored to your requirements
  • Leading API integrations


The highest standards for quality, safety, security and efficiency

Our security experts ensure your payments are secure and compliant and your data is always protected.

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