Loyalty schemes have been around for years – but with the pandemic being the catalyst for digitising the way we all operate, loyalty schemes are now being rolled out through technology more and more.

This is particularly relevant for the hospitality sector within the workplace, which has traditionally seen guaranteed footfall through their outlets five days a week. With hybrid working models increasingly the norm, inevitably many workplaces are seeing reduced overall footfall during the week – meaning creating compelling hospitality offers to encourage maximum spend when employees are on-premise is essential.

Seamlessly integrating loyalty programmes into your payment system

However, seamlessly integrating a new loyalty programme into an existing POS & Mobile application isn’t always as straightforward as it may seem and can result in the hospitality sector being discouraged from introducing new initiatives – which is where our integrated loyalty modules can help.

Our solution allows hospitality providers to easily configure complex promotional pricing, ‘points’ campaigns and gift card services into their system, as well as providing a valuable channel of interaction with customers.

Better intelligence equals tailored promotions

Our systems provide rich transactional data where the hospitality sector can get to know the buying habits of customers, allowing for tailored offers and promotions to be created in the future based on previous purchasing history.

The Points Management function helps businesses reward customers for the current visit and encourages them to return to purchase again, earning them more reward points if they do.  Additionally, the Voucher Management solution offers loyal customers gift cards and discount coupons to redeem on future visits – which can be given as a printed physical copy or digitally – not only further encouraging repeat visits but also acting as a marketing tool.

Subsidies can also be applied easily where required; for example, a discounted workplace canteen. The subsidy function can be implemented at individual or company level and be automatically applied at the point of transaction.

The system can also be used to roll out a subscription-based service. For example, employees could pay £15 a month and get a coffee a day or £30 a month and get a daily lunch deal. Subscriptions mean hospitality providers have guaranteed revenue each month and can also forecast expected sales and stock levels better as well.

All these elements are additional perks for employees and add appeal to purchasing food and drink from corporate catering outlets.

Simple and easy

Bringing a loyalty programme to life doesn’t have to be an arduous task. We have implemented these at all kinds of locations and the process is simple and easy for the hospitality sector.

To hear more about how we can help you transform your business operation contact us on info@systopia.co.uk