Now workplaces are reopening, and people are heading back into the office, on-site hospitality is also reopening. In fact, the hospitality offering is something many people have missed according to a survey by CIPHR where over half (53%) of UK employees said they are looking forward to the food and drink offering at work.

Now Covid restrictions have eased, corporate dining areas, canteens, coffee and deli outlets, aren’t solely restricted to just offering takeaway options but also seated options too.

However, there are certain elements of the takeaway service that was commonplace during the pandemic that were appealing; namely the speed and convenience of pre-ordering, click and collect. This meant people could choose their food options and pay via a website or app, completely reducing queues and long wait times to pay. Important when you have a limited break or lunch time.

With this in mind, hospitality providers within the corporate and B&I sectors are now looking at how they can integrate some of that speed and convenience into their table service – which is where our smart Handheld POS solutions come in.

Our smart Handheld POS enables seamless transactions to take place where your people are; whether that be alfresco dining areas, a rooftop bar, the indoor dining hall, a private work function, or a charity event.  For consumers this means they can order and pay from the comfort of their table.

Complete with the full features of an Android tablet, with POS software built-in to a powerful payment terminal, the Handheld POS is fast and convenient for users. Another bonus is its multiple connectivity options, with 4G, 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth to choose from.

Our Handheld POS is not only fast, but secure and supports mobile wallets including ApplePay and GooglePay, giving both businesses and users confidence  – as well as removing the need for customers to carry a wallet. The ability to introduce promotions and other services available through the Handheld POS can help encourage repeat business and boost the ever-important bottom line.

For corporate hospitality providers one of the main challenges will be keeping their people on-site at lunch times, and not have them tempted away by nearby competitor outlets. With coffee shops, sandwich bars and cafes surrounding many offices, getting your service slick and convenient will go a long way to keeping your people on-site and remaining loyal.

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