The hospitality industry has been arguably the hardest hit throughout the pandemic – and with lockdown 2.0 here, tiered systems coming into play across the country and uncertainty around Christmas, it seems we are still far from ‘normality’ for some time yet.

There have been countless hospitality businesses that have worked tirelessly to adapt operations, making them safe, secure and still viable as a business.

One of the most popular innovations that has been game-changing in terms of allowing hospitality businesses to re-open safely is pre-ordering systems. Leisure destinations, restaurants, universities, on-site hospitality within offices etc. – all have turned to pre-ordering to help them rebuild again.

And although enabling establishments to reopen is the central benefit, there are many other business benefits these systems bring that could well see them being embraced even once the impact of the pandemic has subsided.

We’ve cherry-picked the top five benefits pre-ordering systems bring:

  1. Delivery anywhere: Offering to deliver food direct to the customer anywhere but at a table in a restaurant has been a luxury reserved for those operating within the takeaway delivery market. Until now that is. Pre-ordering systems have opened the door for all manner of innovative delivery points – office workers can browse the food offering and request delivery direct to their desk or students can choose delivery from any designated collection point on campus.
  2. Less food waste: For the first time ever, many hospitality establishments have as near to 100% certainty as they ever will have on what their customers are going to order before they even step foot in the door. This means food can be prepped according to the orders coming in, reducing food waste and helping streamline food purchasing too.
  3. No queues: Pandemic or not, we live in a world where quick and efficient service is a key measurement of how desirable a hospitality outlet is. It puts consumers off entering an establishment if they can see a lengthy queue. Pre-ordering systems eliminate queues – there is no need for payment to be taken as that can be done online when the items are ordered plus pick-up times can be allocated to ensure footfall is evenly spread and there is no lunch time ‘rush’.
  4. Contactless service: A top priority currently is finding ways that reduce unnecessary human-to-human contact – again, an area pre-ordering helps with. Menus and allergen information can be viewed online rather than via waiting staff, orders are received via the system and staff can place food items at a designated collection point as opposed to handing them directly to the consumer.
  5. Invaluable transaction data: Every single transaction can be viewed in easily downloadable reports whichin turn help stock control, inform sales figures and help ensure marketing is targeted in the right way.

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