The Zucchetti team have recently returned from the Retail Tech Show in London, where they met with some of Europe’s most renowned and forward-thinking retailers and introduced them to our tech solutions.

Our UK team have worked within the hospitality space for many years, and we’ve established a reputation as one of the leading providers of tech solutions that revolutionise how a business’s operation works.  We’re now bringing these solutions into the retail space, and the Show gave us a great opportunity to connect with various retailers, help them understand what we offer and how we can work together in the future.

Chris Lyons, Group MD, Tim Hooper, Head of Retail Sales, Heath Taylor, Account Director and Chris Beckingham, Product Manager, all attended and showcased three of our Self-Checkout solutions:

  • Self-checkout solution: These can either accompany or completely replace a cashier-staffed Point of Sale, delivering operational efficiencies, maximising traffic flow through a store and reducing queues.
  • Vision checkout: AI-based image recognition for food and retail articles, resulting in a fast checkout (in under five seconds) and is 100% contactless, accepting cashless and mobile payments.
  • Kiosk: Enabling retailers to bring a far quicker and a more convenient service to customers, eradicating queues and increasing sales via intuitive software.

Many retailers we met were not only interested to hear how our tech solutions could help their operation become more efficient and smarter, but also learn more about the sustainable benefits tech brings.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help your retail operation thrive email us on