Natasha’s Law is here.  On 1st October 2021, the law on allergen labelling for pre-packed direct sale (PPDS) food changes. This means that all providers selling PPDS foods will have to include full ingredient details on product labels with allergenic ingredients emphasised.

The reforms aim to improve the quality of life for people living with food hypersensitivity. The upcoming changes to allergen labelling is a positive step for the two million people living with a diagnosed food allergy in the UK, as well as for those living with food intolerance and coeliac disease. The Food Standards Agency’s ambition is for the UK to be the best place in the world for a hypersensitive consumer.

The law is a result of the tragic death of teenager Natasha Ednan-Laperouse who suffered a fatal allergic reaction after eating a baguette which contained unlabelled sesame. The hope is it will keep allergy sufferers safe and provide additional confidence when buying food. Systopia offer several tech solutions that can help hospitality businesses adapt to the required changes – with mobile ordering, labelling systems and alternative payment methods all worthy of further consideration. 

Mobile Ordering

mysystopia app users can simply filter their preferences to accommodate any allergens or dietary requirements they have.  Obviously users will be very familiar with what they can and can’t consume, but this will help ensure no products are inadvertently purchased that could result in an allergic reaction.

In addition to providing information on allergens, Systopia’s mobile app displays clear and simple nutritional information supporting all wellbeing and lifestyle orientated purchases.

Labelling and Barcode System

Although labels may sound simple and straightforward, having an inefficient system in place will result in many time-consuming hours being wasted and potentially result in a poor customer experience. Systopia’s Labelling and Barcode system is a plug-in so all product information automatically translates over creating bespoke labels that can even marry up to your corporate branding. The integrated solution produces your tailored labels whilst capturing all the necessary nutritional and allergen information required to comply with the new legislation. The system incorporates barcode generation that allows consumers to simply scan the item at a self-service Point of Sale or using their mysystopia app to make payment, completely bypassing waiting in line to pay.

Point of Sale

Now to look at the role of Point of Sale (POS) solutions. It’s the final stage in the purchasing journey and is an opportunity to add an extra layer of protection in support of your customers allergen needs.

When a food or beverage item is scanned at the POS any allergens contained in that product will be displayed on-screen which can serve as a final cautionary warning to the consumer. Anyone who hasn’t read the label closely, and may have inadvertently picked up an item which contains an ingredient they are allergic to, will be reminded at this point dramatically reducing the chances of anyone purchasing an item that they may have an adverse reaction to.

Many hospitality providers have shared their concerns with us around the ongoing management of allergens. Systopia’s solutions can help by adding additional layers of safety and by delivering previously unrealised efficiencies to your food service operation.

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