Payment methods have evolved a lot in recent years and many consumers don’t rely on cash often, if at all anymore. Offering contactless and mobile payment options is the norm and there are many for businesses to consider when looking at flexible payment methods they can offer their customers.  It is essential for hospitality providers to get this right to ensure they don’t lose custom based purely on not having the right range of ways for consumers to pay.

At Systopia we offer a wide range of payment options that enable the businesses we work with to keep up with evolving consumer payment habits.

Contactless Payments

Giving the choice of paying with a simple one-stroke action is quick and efficient. The contactless limit is being increased later this year which means even more transactions can be paid for in this way.  Not only does it reduce the time spent queuing waiting to pay, it also reduces the amount of contact between people and on surfaces. For hospitality providers contactless facilities can be installed at point of sale terminals, self-service kiosks and vending machines.

Mobile Payments

Mobile wallets can bring next generation payments into a hospitality offering. Smartphones are now more popular than laptops in terms of how often they are used and mobile wallets such as ApplePay and GooglePay are becoming the norm. For customers it removes the need to carry a wallet, is fast, efficient, and secure. These mobile options are also compatible with the mySYSTOPIA app which users can link multiple payment cards to as well as the ability to tie in with loyalty schemes.  For hospitality providers this can promote repeat business and provide valuable transactional data.

Cashless Payments

Lastly, our closed loop cashless payment solution provides a fast and convenient method of payment which not only eliminates costly transaction fees but provides rich data for businesses.  Many organisations we work with use an access control system to enter their facility, so incorporating cashless payment options to these passes makes sense. Users don’t need to carry anything other than their ID badge with them, they simply tap-and-go on a unique card reader which instantly takes payment – reducing queue time and allowing on-site hospitality to be on offer 24/7 without the need to increase staffing costs.  Staff can top up their account or view their transactional history via their mySYSTOPIA app – which again can be linked to loyalty and reward schemes to promote repeat business and help the bottom line.

Something that many hospitality operators share with us is their concern about increasing revenue as we emerge from the pandemic. One way that this can be helped is by offering multiple payment methods – as this means all consumers can enjoy a seamless user-experience, no matter their payment preference.

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