Debit/Credit card

Chip & Pin and contactless

Give your customers the choice of paying with Chip & Pin and Contactless and enjoy the benefits of a fast and simple method of payment. Systopia supports a range of third-party chip & pin/contactless payment devices which fully integrate into Systopia's Point of Sale devices. All of our solutions are P2PE compliant and PCI DSS certified, ensuring secure attended and un-attended payment capabilities.

Chip & Pin

Whether it's for attended or un-attended card payment services. Our Chip & Pin devices are secure and approved for all environments.

Key features

  • Secure attended and un-attended
  • P2PE compliant
  • PCI DSS certified
  • Merchant approved

Payment Types



Each payment is processed with a simple one-stroke action using NFC (near field communication) technology within the cards, reducing transaction times in comparison with cash payment.

Key features

  • Fast and secure
  • Supports mobile wallet
  • Compatible with all POS
  • Merchant approved

Payment Types


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