Pay via your smartphone

Bring next generation payments into your catering operation. With smartphones overtaking laptops in terms of the most frequently used devices, it makes sense to give your customers the capability to pay via their mobile device. Accept payment from mobile wallets such as ApplePay and GooglePay or link their payment cards to mySYSTOPIA account for instant mobile payment.


Offer the convenience of payment via mySYSTOPIA mobile app. Link debit cards or cashless account to mySYSTOPIA app and enjoy seamless payment from their smartphone device.

Key features

  • Convenient payment choice
  • Fast and simple
  • Link to multiple debit cards
  • Link with loyalty schemes

Payment Types


Mobile Wallet

Pay using contactless payments from all mobile wallets such as Apple pay, Samsung pay and Google pay using their smartphone.

Key features

  • Compatible with all mobile wallets
  • Smartphone convenience
  • Speed of tap & go
  • Link with loyalty schemes

Payment Types


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