Total flexibility

Whilst contactless payments are now the ‘norm’ Systopia delivers world-class performance and flexibility throughits portfolio of advanced P2PE PCI PTS Level 5.X terminals which offer maximum end to end security and peace of mind. All of our payment solutions can be fully integrated with a range of POS ensuring a seamless customer facing solution that will be reliable for years to come.


Offer the convenience of payment via mySYSTOPIA mobile app. Link debit cards or cashless account to mySYSTOPIA app and enjoy seamless payment from their smartphone device.

Key Features

  • Convenient payment choice
  • Fast and simple
  • Link to multiple debit cards
  • Link with loyalty schemes

Payment Types


Sector Expertise - Best in class





Corporate Hospitality

Concourse & Stadia

Mobile Wallet

Pay using contactless payments from all mobile wallets such as Apple pay, Samsung pay and Google pay using their smartphone.

Key Features

  • Compatible with all mobile wallets
  • Smartphone convenience
  • Speed of tap & go
  • Link with loyalty schemes

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