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Engage your customers with mobile ordering

Create a fantastic customer experience and increase footfall by offering our mobile ordering solution

With the touch of a finger orders are sent from a mobile phone to the Click & Collect POS screen ready to be created. Ordering in advance speeds up queues in a world where time is increasingly of the essence.

Bringing efficiency to your service

Ordering in advance gives your staff time to prepare and reduces wastage

Every order placed by a customer is instantly shown on the Click & Collect POS screen. Commonly used for hot drinks orders the screen shows every detail of the order allowing staff to manage their time and deliver an efficient and timely service.

Be a trend-setter with Click & Collect Ordering

Keep customers coming back by introducing new, exciting features like the ability to order on their mobiles.

It’s not every day that you can order a coffee on your mobile and be drinking it just a few moments later. The Click & Collect solution is a fantastic emerging way of engaging customers and proving what an innovative and modern service you offer.

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Make the most of Systopia’s payment solution with a range of innovative benefits.

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