Digital Concierge
Delivering exceptional in-room services

Superior on-demand service

Barista quality refreshments

Instant in-room assistance

Eliminates wastage

Extend superior customer experience into the meeting room

Impress guests with freshly made barista style beverages ordered at their convenience through our in-room Digital Concierge solution.

Customisable to your on-site food and beverage services, the Digital Concierge in-room touch screen tablet displays a menu choice for your guests to order their preferred refreshment at their convenience, allowing the host to concentrate on the meeting in hand.

Take your in-room services to the next level

Add an on-demand assistance menu for responsive support

Fully customisable assistance menu can be added to ensure all elements of in-room services are covered – whether it’s a request to clear the room, change the room temperature, or help with IT support, the floor walker immediately receives the request on their mobile device for instant actioning.

Improve efficiency and eliminate wastage

Remove the need to provide pre-prepared refreshments before every meeting

On-demand ordering instantly sends orders to the serving pantry where they are freshly prepared as required before being discreetly served to your guests. This saves time and resources in pre-meeting preparations and eliminates wastage from un-used supplies or cancelled meetings.


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