Cashless Kiosk
Dedicated on-site account loading

Traditional Top-up

Web Kiosk


Transaction History

Traditional Top-up

Top-up cashless accounts with cash or card

Modern and sleek, the Systopia Kiosk provides customers with a simple and effective method of topping-up and reviewing their cashless account. Some customers won’t have access to the online and mobile loading services, so the Kiosk is often an essential part of the cashless payment system. The Kiosks can be configured to accept a combination of coins, notes and credit/debit card through an integrated Chip & Pin/Contactless device.

Web Kiosk

Fast touchscreen top-up

The Systopia Web Kiosk allows customers to top-up their account in a flash. On their first visit to the Kiosk, each customer presents their ID card or wristband and the Kiosk identifies who they are. Using the touchscreen instructions, a credit/debit card is registered and tokenised against their ID card or wristband. When topping-up in future, customers will only be prompted to enter their last four card digits and the amount to load.


A visitor provision to keep cash off site

For many organisations who operate a cashless payment system, visitors to their cashless environment present a problem. How to ensure visitors can pay for food and beverages without a permanent ID card or wristband? Systopia’s Kiosk solves that issue through the ability to distribute visitor cards which are topped-up using traditional cash or credit/debit card. At the end of their stay, visitors can request a refund through the Kiosk.

Transaction History

Every top-up and sale captured

It’s easy to track what’s been spent, when and where with a flexible transaction history. Keep an eye on expenditure and reduce the likelihood of transaction disputes, ensuring peace of mind for all parties. As the Systopia payment solution is online, the details of every transaction are captured in real-time and shown both here to the user and in the form of a report to an administrator.


Make the most of Systopia’s payment solution with a range of innovative benefits.

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