Self-Service POS
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Future Proof

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Speed up with Self-Serve

Proven to reduce queue lengths during busy periods by promoting self-service payment

Capable of accepting all payment types the Self-Service POS allows customers to rapidly make their way through the point of sale giving them more time to spend on the important part, mealtime.

Maximise your efficiency

Reduce staff resources by empowering customers to make payment at Self-Service POS

Our Self-Service POS brings a flexibility to your operation allowing you to use staff resources where they are really needed. With familiar payment options and touch-screen controls this really is the easy way to pay.

Progressive payment options

Introduce Self-Service to your business and modernize the way customers pay

With Self-Service payment commonplace now is the time to diversify your point of sale and install a future-proof technology. Our POS delivers an innovative method of payment with ruggedized reliability where customers select their items from a touch-screen menu and make payment.


Make the most of Systopia’s payment solution with a range of innovative benefits.

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