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One-touch payments at vending machines

The days of fumbling for loose change as the queue grows are over

Integrate cashless and contactless payments to your vending machines with our vending solution, letting your users make the most of their time with a hassle-free, fast method of payment.

Complete your payment solution with vending

We fit your new payment system to existing machines to eliminate disruption

Uniquely our payment solution works with all types of vending machines and payment protocols, including MDB, Executive, BDV and CCI. We understand the need to minimise disruption, that’s why we can fit our payment devices to existing machines or to new ones at the manufacturer.

Track every sale remotely

No need to visit each machine, sit back and watch the sales roll in with our online reporting tool

Many businesses waste valuable time and effort manually collecting sales data from each vending machine. With Systopia’s real-time reporting those days are over. Simply log-on to your PC and you’ll have access to invaluable sales data from every vending machine in your estate.


Make the most of Systopia’s payment solution with a range of innovative benefits.

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