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Portable POS

Our Portable POS terminal has become a central feature of our clients' payment solutions where practicality, customer satisfaction and speed are paramount factors.


Mobile Ordering

Improve the customer experience and efficiency of your operation by offering users the chance to order and pay for food and beverages on their mobile phone.



Vending Solution

The days of fumbling for loose change at the vending machine are over. There's no need to secure and remove all that cash from site either.


Self-Service POS

Proven to reduce queue lengths during busy periods by promoting self-service payment, this POS terminal is a standalone device designed to be customer-facing and easy to use.



Build and foster customer relationships that help to increase retention and footfall on site at mealtimes by offering loyalty and reward schemes through the Systopia payment solution.


Kiosk Loader

Modern, sleek and built to last, the Kiosk Loader provides customers with a simple method of topping-up their cashless account.


Fixed POS

Introducing our market-leading Fixed POS terminal, combining unrivaled speed, reliability and durability.


Cashless Card Reader

Modern and stylish, the Cashless Card Reader is a contemporary device that accepts payment from cashless tokens like ID cards, fobs or even wristbands.