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Going Green On Campus

Improving the sustainability of a campus delivers significant benefits for universities, not only in an environmental sense, but also financially. By improving the green credentials, university managers are investing in the future of their campus, creating a more efficient environment for students to learn and making financial savings which can be utilised into other areas, such as scholarships.

Whilst many university managers will be aware of the more common methods to improve sustainability, such as installing recycling points, using low energy lighting and encouraging students to shut down computers when they’re not in use, what they may not know is new technology, such as cashless payment systems, can significantly improve a university’s green credentials.

Using RFID technology, Systopia’s cashless payment system can be integrated with existing student or NUS cards, allowing students to pay for food and drink items in the catering outlets and shops with their ID card, as well as printing services, car parking and vending machines. The solution isn’t limited to cards alone, any RFID token can be used such as wristbands and key fobs.

With one multifunctional ‘all access’ card, not only does it make student’s lives easier and simpler but it can also have positive effects across other areas – such as improving the universities’ green credentials. University caterers can inspire students to get involved in the recycling process through powerful mechanisms like loyalty schemes. These bespoke loyalty programmes can be tailored to help better the green credentials of campuses, by encouraging students to make choices which help support a better waste management system.

For example, students can be rewarded for making ‘the right choices’ when it comes to using crockery, rather than disposable containers, or recycling a certain amount of waste in halls. The rewards take the form of ‘points’ on their account which can be redeemed against hot beverages, or a snack, whilst also making them feel good about their decision making process. Through loyalty schemes such as these, we have helped universities save both money and improve their disposable waste track record. For example, one of our clients cut their disposable waste down by 16%, saving them from buying a staggering 176,612 disposable containers.

Cashless payment systems also offer extensive analytical tools which provide in-depth realtime analysis of sales data, trends and total control of article prices, all on a single, central database, making it easy to navigate and understand. Using this information, the university catering team can identify the most popular meals, peak selling times and items which generate low sales, enabling them to amend their menus accordingly, streamline their buying process and better manage waste.

By investing in cashless payment systems, universities can experience benefits such as reduced waste, increased food sales and engaging their students in the sustainability process, all of which help to make significant financial savings and improve the long-term sustainability of a campus.

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