Quick and easy payment services

Linking staff ID cards across food and beverage services to help maximise rest breaks

Cashless For Healthcare

Integrating directly with existing staff ID cards, the Systopia cashless system provides a seamless method of payment for food and beverages within Healthcare environments. With a range of functionality for the Healthcare sector to tap into, Systopia have a proud record of delivering excellence and providing tangible improvements to service in the Healthcare sector.

Cutting Costs

It’s Systopia’s ability to reduce the cost and hassle associated with handling cash that our clients love. For many Healthcare organisations, a vast amount of cash passes through restaurants and cafés on site, causing an additional cost and time-wasting element to manage that cash. Systopia’s cashless solutions eliminate that stress and integrate directly with existing ID cards or badges.

Speed of Service

Within a fast-paced environment such as a hospital, time is of the essence. Staff want to make their purchases as quickly as possible to either get back to work or to make the most of their mealtime. On average queue times are reduced by 25% with a Systopia cashless system and staff don’t need to worry about heading back to their lockers to pick up cash – it’s all held on their ID card.

Business Benefits

A cashless system from Systopia doesn’t just provide staff with a fantastic customer experience, it also gives your organisation the tools to increase footfall and streamline the catering operation. You can expect to benefit from reduced operating costs associated with handling cash, as well as a tighter grip on stock control and a reduction in wastage via our back-office administration portal. Not only that, but you’ll have total visibility of sales data through our extensive reporting software, enabling you to tailor offers and loyalty schemes to maximise profit and satisfy demand. There’s no need to worry about hosting the system, Systopia’s cashless solutions operate using dedicated, virtualized and cloud-based servers, removing the hassle and cost associated with internal hosting.

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