Self-checkouts are increasingly commonplace. All the major supermarkets installed self-checkouts long ago, and often these far outweigh the number of manned tills. A recent Lidl opening had almost 20 self-checkouts and just two manned tills!

The combination of a tech-led journey, resulting in a quicker service, and less reliance on staff who can then be deployed to do more valuable, complex jobs is an enticing prospect for many businesses.

In addition to achieving a prompt return on investment two of the major advantages that self-checkouts bring are speed and ease of access; both factors that are appealing to consumers in the convenience-led society we live in today. When it comes to workplace hospitality or retail settings, consumers are far more likely to be willing to buy their lunch where there are little, to no, queues, as opposed to somewhere which has a queue running out the door.

Our data shows us that the average transaction takes around six seconds when using a self-checkout. Given multiple kiosks can be set-up in any area, it’s easy to see how queues can be eradicated completely.

This speed is largely down to how easy our self-checkouts are to use. The dedicated team utilising their years of expertise and sector knowledge have created interfaces that are both incredibly straightforward and easy to use.

Self-checkouts also have a far smaller footprint than a regular operated till, where space needs to be allowed for the member of staff, the till and the packing area. Self-checkouts are available in different configurations from desk-top set ups to small footprint kiosks and easily fit into any environment.

Many businesses we work with choose self-checkouts as just one of many Point of Sale options they have installed, creating a bespoke environment to best suit their needs.

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