The pandemic has contributed to a huge increase in online and mobile ordering.  According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the proportion spent online soared to the highest on record in April 2020 at 30.7%, which compares with the 19.1% recorded in April 2019. The ONS also found online spending on food rose from 5.7% to 9.3% during April.

The online ordering trend is being embraced by many hospitality businesses such as pubs and restaurants. As they start to open again, many are actively encouraging customers to book a table in advance and order food and drink direct to their tables through smartphone apps.

As lockdown measures ease further over the coming months, and the number of people returning to the workplace increases, businesses too are going to have to find ways of adapting and operating differently.

For many of the organisations we work with, revenue from on-site catering is essential, so finding a way of maximising this post-pandemic is hugely important for both the bottom line and employee wellbeing.  We’ve had many enquiries over the past month from businesses and organisations which are looking at tech solutions to help get their on-site catering facilities back up and running in a safe way – and it seems online and mobile ordering is being viewed as the winning solution here as well.

Our mySYSTOPIA app allows users to view full menus, order their food and drink options and choose a collection time all from their phone. Payment can also be taken at the same time, and it’s compatible with mobile wallet apps like ApplePay, Google Wallet and AndroidPay as well as debit and credit cards, making it hugely convenient and very user-friendly.

The benefits of mobile ordering are considerable for consumers – greatly reduced human contact (in fact it virtually removes it all together), less queuing, and the ability to browse food and drink options on their mobile phones wherever they are. 

For businesses, it can reduce food waste and provides invaluable transaction data – which in turn can help with stock control, sales figures, and targeted marketing. Loyalty schemes can also be integrated, helping drive further sales. For example, users can collect points based on choosing the dish of the day or breakfast deal; points that can then be redeemed for a free hot drink or money off their next purchase.

There is no doubt that catering facilities are going to look and feel vastly different post-lockdown but that doesn’t mean they can’t adapt and provide revenue.  Pre-pandemic our mobile technology was popular with many businesses across a variety of sectors because it enabled them to increase their catering options.  Post-pandemic it is likely to become more popular because it encourages social distancing and reduces human contact – essential in the bid to keep employees safe in the new world we now find ourselves in.

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