The expert opinion on EPOS

Chris Lyons, Managing Director 17 October 2018

Chris on the most significant developments in the marketplace during 2018…

Over the past 12 months we have seen a growth in the move towards connected workspaces and the ability to provide secure services that support the customer journey, and EPOS has formed an important part of that. We are now seeing a more flexible approach to virtual solutions for multi-location environments, whilst open APIs are allowing EPOS to integrate seamlessly with technology being deployed in intelligent buildings.

“The functionality of the systems continues to grow, which now typically includes any payment type as a standard, whilst self-service is becoming more prominent as end users demand a high street experience that focuses on convenience, choice and speed.

Chris on “top priorities” and “must haves”…

Forward-thinking operators are prioritising flexible services to best fit their clients’ environments – whether that covers fixed systems, mobile or self-service. Naturally, more companies now want to reap the benefits of a managed services solution, which includes admin, reporting and data analysis, aimed at driving operational efficiency, reducing costs and helping them to understand their customers’ preferences.

Chris on the benefits of cloud-based systems…

Firstly, if you are operating a cloud-based system there is less equipment and servers required on-site, which is important when space is at a premium, especially in major cities like London. Organisations also benefit from a central administration, so they can reduce resources and manage multiple sites from a single location.

In addition, we offer an end-to-end managed service including design, build and support that is both futureproof and flexible. It enables customers to simply add sites and services as required and uses the Iatest software and hardware for longevity with a guaranteed replacement policy every five years. Many of our clients have said this provides them with added peace of mind.

Chris on the importance of mobile…

It is hugely important that EPOS systems are able to integrate with mobile – although it should be seen as just one of the many options available within the ordering and payment environment.

We have just launched our web-based application “My Systopia”, which is optimised to work on mobile, tablet or desktop. End users can log on to the application to securely access their personal accounts, check their balance, review purchases, collect and redeem loyalty points and even pre-order their favourite morning coffee ready for collection upon their arrival. Customers working in a cashless environment also have the added advantage of topping-up their account balance on any device – anytime, anywhere. We have already seen My Systopia deliver a range of important benefits for foodservices providers, including securing repeat business, increasing sales and reducing queue times. The platform can also be used to publicise promotions and let consumers know about new menus and the latest deals through the ability of uploading promotional images.

Chris on integrating the entire customer experience…

It is important to embrace the rise of the connected workspace and be able to offer the right solution for every part of the customer journey. Meanwhile, the ability to capture data at every touch point will provide the business insight to enhance the end-user’s experience. We have also ensured our clients can white label our systems, so it can be tailored to fit with each organisation’s own brand and style.

Through the launch of our new self-service kiosks and the My Systopia application, we have provided the end user with increased choice and control over how they order and pay for food, whilst enhancing how they manage their budgets and collect loyalty points.

Chris on the importance of a managed services solution…

By investing in a managed services solution an organisation will be able to reduce the strain on its internal resources and benefit from additional expertise and support. Our solutions also focus heavily on security and the customer journey, which will only grow in importance over the next 12 months.

Chris on the biggest EPOS trends for 2019…

We are expecting self-service to continue to increase in popularity due to the growing focus on convenience and speed. Our self-service kiosks are also helping foodservices providers to reduce queuing time and better manage their resources.

There are currently four generations within the workforce, each with a different set of preferences, and there will be huge focus on making sure you have an EPOS system in place that can satisfy all requirements.

Finally, big data will continue to grow in prominence. It will help more foodservices providers to better understand their customers, improve productivity, reduce costs and maximise profits.