With hybrid working the norm, employees are coming into the office fewer times a week. One of the key reasons they will come in is for face-to-face interaction and meetings. Numerous studies have shown that this time is deemed as invaluable to the workforce, who welcome opportunities to meet with colleagues and clients face-to-face.

However, with many meetings taking place virtually over Teams or Zoom, we’ve become accustomed to the efficiency these digital meet-ups bring. They require no travel time, are quicker and you have access to your own refreshments at any point. And it’s this efficiency and slick user-experience that is increasingly in demand for in-office meetings and has led to the development of many tech-driven solutions – such as Digital Concierge.

Solutions like these bring 5-star customer service to the meeting room – think along the lines of a virtual butler – with customisable menus, easy ordering via a tech device and savings for the business.

The meeting ‘host’ has access to a digital page via a tablet, iPad or smart phone, where they are in control of the Digital Concierge. This means they can order food and drinks, call for assistance with any audio-visual tech help, adjust the room temperature or call a waiter.

All food and drink orders go direct to the hospitality team, who prepare and deliver the items direct to the meeting room without any need for people to walk to the coffee or dining areas. Digital Concierge allows for attendees to enjoy a vast array of made-to-order drink options including lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites along with alternative milk options such as oat, almond or soya.

Digital Concierge also reduces waste – there is no more large coffee and tea pots that sit and go cold, are then thrown away and refilled – and equally drives down cost as there is no need for dedicated waiting staff.

The customisable menu means that any kind of meeting can be catered for – whether that’s a simple mid-morning meeting which requires the hot and cold drink menu or a private executive lunch where a more extensive menu can be viewed. Either way, it’s a seamless experience.

Digital Concierge can bring significant savings to a business. Simply by reducing the wastage of perishables, which usually are made in large quantities at the start of the meeting and then left, will result in large savings per year. In addition, operational cost savings can be made as staff resourcing can be managed far better. Rotas can be organised to align to the quantity of meeting room bookings, and staff can be re-deployed to other areas at quieter times. These savings can mean the investment and installation of the Digital Concierge is cost-neutral, along with operational savings which directly bolster the bottom line.

The whole Digital Concierge experience is impressive – it’s slick, efficient and exactly what is expected as we all increasingly encounter tech solutions in every part of our lives.

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