Information about accessibility on

We have tried to make accessible to all our users, regardless of ability. We have made provision for visual, cognitive and mobility disabled users in the way we have built the website, and have included features to help users use the website in the most suitable way for them.

Practical tips to help you use more easily

Resizable text

If you find the text on too small to read, you can use your web browser to increase the size to be more legible.

Accessible technology

There are numerous computer products designed to make computers and software easier to use for disabled people, including screen reading software, larger keyboards and more. If you find a computer difficult to use, you may find some helpful information at the Direct Gov website.

If you are still having problems using

Everyone using has different needs, and we are committed to ensuring that everyone can use the website. If you’ve tried the steps above and are still encountering problems with the site, we would like to hear from you. To contact us, please use our Contact Us page, with details of the problem you have encountered and your preferred method of contact.