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TCPOS Kitchen and Table Management System

The TCPOS Point-of-Sale system is designed to streamline the operations of your restaurant both at the front and back-of-house. This can help you to turn tables faster and ultimately increase your sales. TCPOS can be tailored to suit your specific menu and floor plan requirements, and it also provides valuable data and customer insights to help you create memorable guest experiences.

Streamline Kitchen Processes and Turn Tables Faster

TCPOS provides a complete solution for managing kitchens and tables in restaurants. The layout of the restaurant’s tables can be easily replicated on the screen, allowing for efficient handling of food orders and service. Additionally, self-ordering kiosks are available to speed up the ordering process, while table management tools and customer-facing screens help waiters work more effectively, enabling them to focus on delivering an outstanding guest experience.

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Efficient Table Management

TCPOS simplifies table management in restaurants, allowing for easy accommodation of large parties, table joining, cost sharing, and detailed billing for those who prefer to pay for specific items.

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Kitchen Display System

TCPOS offers a detailed Kitchen display system for detailed order viewing, order parking and recall for later review. This is essential for efficient ordering operations in kitchens and QSR environments.

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Customer Order Display

TCPOS customer order display provides a menu and queue screen to display order names and numbers. Customers can monitor the progress of their orders and know when to collect them. Ideal for Quick Service Restaurants.

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Digital Concierge

In a corporate hospitality setting, TCPOS acts as a digital concierge, offering guests a barista-style service. During meetings, guests can order refreshments at their convenience, enabling the host to focus on the task at hand.

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Ingredient Management

Ensure customers' safety by effectively managing the display of nutritional and allergen information through a customer facing display or mobile application.

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