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Travel Industry Point of Sale Solutions

In the dynamic and fast-paced travel industry, seamless and efficient point-of-sale solutions are crucial for retail and food & beverage providers. With TCPOS you can service customers on the move through multiple touchpoints such as POS tills, self-service kiosks, and scan-and-go.

Business on the Go

TCPOS enables retail and food & beverage service providers on trains, airplanes, ferries, and within airports and busy travel stations to operate efficiently. They can handle transactions in multiple currencies and languages, ensuring regulatory compliance. With multiple touchpoints like POS tills, self-service kiosks, and grab-and-go, businesses can operate smoothly, enhancing customer satisfaction during travel.

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Loyalty Platform

With TCPOS, businesses can create loyalty and promotional campaigns to engage frequent travellers. Airlines and train station operators can leverage tickets and boarding passes as a method of redeeming incentives. For duty-free items, the relevant prices and discounts are applied automatically when the passenger code is scanned.

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Borderless Transactions

TCPOS is a highly flexible POS system that can be localised into multiple languages and currencies. It is an ideal solution for international environments like airports and train stations. With TCPOS, your business can communicate with customers or operators in their preferred language, simplifying the process, ensuring a user-friendly and globally accessible experience.

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Omnichannel Touchpoints

TCPOS offers several touchpoints to efficiently serve more customers and increase turnover. These touchpoints include fixed POS tills, mobile tills, self-service kiosks, visioncheckout, web and Mobile App. With these options, your business can avoid slow service and handle high volumes of orders during peak periods.

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Round The Clock Operations

The travel industry operates around the clock, and TCPOS ensures that your business operations can run non-stop. With the real-time data and reporting dashboard, you can access your sales data and information from multiple locations, all in one place. This allows businesses to make informed decisions in real-time and manage their operations from a centralised location.

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