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TCPOS Loyalty Programs

Built for growth, TCPOS provides a loyalty rewards platform for retail and hospitality businesses. With this feature, businesses can expand their customer base through targeted promotions and automated special offers. The promotional offers are easy to set up and manage to drive additional sales.

Loyalty and Promotion Growth Engine

The TCPOS loyalty program is designed to help you turn casual shoppers into loyal advocates. You can segment your customers according to their shopping behaviour and target them with personalised campaigns. You can also set up and run multiple promotional campaigns all at once to maximise sales.

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Promotional Powerhouse

TCPOS offers a comprehensive and integrated promotion engine. We enrich your marketing abilities allowing you to create an endless catalogue of campaigns from "buy one get one free" options to more complex fixed-price basket/cart combinations.

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Loyalty Cards

With the ability to create and issue loyalty cards businesses can create sophisticated point collection campaigns while running multiple promotional incentives simultaneously. With TCPOS customers can conveniently redeem accumulated points in-store for future purchases, fostering increased retention and enhancing overall customer loyalty.

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Points and Coupons

The TCPOS coupon program offers your customers immediate discounts or special offers on specific purchases. Coupons are distributed as one-time use vouchers or codes, stimulating sales and rewarding customers, with options for customisation and report tracking.

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