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POS Software for Stadia and Entertainment Venues

The TCPOS point-of-sale system is redefining visitors’ experiences at stadiums, events and entertainment venues by offering efficient POS and self-service options for guests. With TCPOS, your business can serve customers swiftly with accurate orders while they enjoy games, shows and concerts without stress.

Efficient Service Tools

Providing swift service is a top priority when managing a high influx of customers at stadium and event venues. TCPOS offers a range of POS solutions to retailers and food & beverage businesses. Our advanced AI-powered visioncheckout and self-ordering solutions enable businesses to serve customers with speed and efficiency. This translates to reduced queueing times, faster order processing, and efficient utilisation of staff resources. Whether you operate within a bustling stadium or a vibrant theme park, TCPOS is here to assist you in ensuring customer satisfaction at every touchpoint.

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Faster Service, Higher Sales

Stadiums and large event venues face two peak periods: pre-game and during breaks. Slow service during these periods can frustrate customers and businesses. TCPOS AI powered visioncheckout, Mobile App pre-order and self-service kiosks offer a solution for faster service, resulting in higher sales.

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Convenient Mobile Ordering

TCPOS enables businesses to offer multiple ordering solutions to customers for added convenience. During the game, fans can use the grab-and-go feature available on the Mobile App to order meals and refreshments from the comfort of their own seat. During intermission, they can quickly grab their orders and return to the game or show without missing any of the action.

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Maximising Customer Value

Retail and hospitality businesses located within stadiums or entertainment venues often only operate on specific days or times of the year. With the TCPOS loyalty and promotions engine, you can utilise customer behaviour data to target your customers and fans with relevant offers at specific times. These special offers will maximise average spend per customer, ultimately boosting your business's profitability.


Service in the Stands

With our mobile POS solutions, your team can move around the stands during an event to take orders from guests. These orders are then sent directly to the kitchen for processing and preparation. Customers can choose to have their orders delivered directly to them or can pick them up during an interval. This ensures additional comfort and ease for both your staff and customers.

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