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Self-Service Point of Sale Systems

TCPOS features a range of smart self-checkout systems, significantly cutting waiting times and long queues. This ensures a stress-free experience for shoppers and guests while cutting down operational costs.

Self-ordering and Self-checkout Kiosks

The TCPOS self-ordering systems, both fixed and hybrid, offer an improved shopping experience by enabling faster checkouts and reduced waiting times. With self-ordering kiosks, self-checkout units, TCPOS Scan and Go, and AI visioncheckout, businesses can reduce operational costs and maximise sales.

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Effortless Self-checkout

TCPOS facilitates a faster shopping experience with quick payment in any language or currency for retail stores, bars, restaurants and cafes. It is user-friendly, and for customers who wish to complete their transactions by themselves, the self-checkout process is intuitive and gives a smoother customer experience.

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Self-ordering Kiosks

TCPOS self-ordering kiosks are perfect for hospitality providers. Using the kiosks, customers can easily place and customise their orders while accessing allergen and dietary information. These kiosks ensure a swift checkout experience and are ideal for displaying special promotional offers to customers to drive additional sales.

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Scan and Go for Streamlined Shopping

TCPOS Scan and Go elevates the customer in-store experience. It allows customers to effortlessly scan their items while shopping. Shoppers can also receive instant updates on their basket for informed budgeting. Scan and Go streamlines the checkout process, minimises queuing times, and ensures a pleasant shopping experience.

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checkout in a flash with AI Vision

TCPOS visioncheckout integrates AI with self-checkout. It offers AI-powered food recognition for restaurants, cafes, and bars, enabling a faster checkout process for a better and more efficient customer experience.

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