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Systopia Point-of-Sale Hardware

TCPOS is designed to work seamlessly with a diverse range of hardware solutions. Through our network of trusted partners, we provide best-in-class tills, POS, and payment terminals, tailored to meet any business’s requirements.

Our team will work with you to identify and source the best hardware for your business environment, ensuring it not only meets today’s needs but is also equipped to accommodate  future requirements.

Point of Sale

Fixed POS

Fixed POS

Our Fixed POS systems are highly configurable and hardware-agnostic. They work efficiently, ensuring reliable performance. They are also easily accessible, scalable, and integrate seamlessly into your store environment. These systems are designed ergonomically and don’t take up much space, which enhances counter management.  

Hybrid POS

The TCPOS hybrid POS systems are versatile and can be either fixed or detached to bring the point-of-sale system to the customer. They offer enhanced convenience and efficiency, as well as increased checkout capacity. These systems are perfect for pop-up events and queue-busting, as they provide seamless transactions and flexibility for improved customer satisfaction.

second screen POS

Second Display

The addition of a second display screen can significantly improve the customer experience by providing them with better visibility of the items available for purchase, promotional offers, and information on current stock availability. 

Self-ordering / Checkout

Self-Checkout (SCO)

The self-checkout solutions speeds up the checkout process, minimises queueing times, and optimises resource allocation. They can be configured to support multiple languages and currencies for improved customer accessibility. The units are designed with an intuitive interface to eliminate administrative burdens and simplify customer experience.


The self-ordering kiosks provide a convenient way for customers to order food and beverages, reducing long queues and improving efficiency. With an easy-to-use interface, customers can quickly place orders and access information on nutritional and allergen content. This solution not only benefits the business but also enhances the overall customer experience and satisfaction.

Vision Checkout POS

Vision Checkout

The visioncheckout system uses AI vision technology to recognise food items in a flash. The AI-powered self-service station improves customer experience by reducing queuing times during busy periods. The system uses an integrated camera that identifies food items within 0.5 seconds and transmits them to the TCPOS system for payment, with the average completed transaction time in under 7 seconds. This offers a faster checkout experience than traditional POS tills.


secure payments header

Mobile, Chip & Pin Payment Terminals

Offer your customers a choice of payment methods including Chip & Pin, Contactless or Mobile Wallet. Our payment solutions are fully integrated and provide a simple and fast way of payment to your customers. You can rely on our world-class performance, flexibility, and advanced security features. Our premium device is approved by PCI PTS 5.X, ensuring maximum security and end-to-end encryption every time. As a certified PCI DSS P2PE Service Provider, TCPOS offers a seamless customer-facing solution that is reliable for years to come.

Employee payment

Cashless Payment Terminals

The TCPOS closed-loop cashless payment solution offers a quick and convenient payment method, which not only eliminates expensive transaction fees but also captures valuable data for reporting purposes, providing complete visibility across onsite food services and facilities. It can be integrated into staff ID badges as a flexible payment solution, resulting in reduced queues across various onsite facilities and significant cost savings by minimising transaction fee charges.



Integrated Scales

The Light Scale weight scale has been integrated with the POS system for retail, food, and beverage businesses. This integration facilitates accurate weighing and processing of items during transactions. This feature helps prevent theft of products by ensuring that the cost of loose items such as fruits and vegetables are added to the transaction. Additionally, it assures that the weight of items in the basket area matches the weight of items in the bagging area.

Bar code scanner

Our barcode scanners are flexible and suitable for high-volume retail environments and are configured to work seamlessly with your POS and inventory systems.



Receipts Printer

Our POS system printers allow for easy customisation of receipts to fit your business’s unique branding and needs. They also print high-resolution receipts and eliminate the need for frequent ribbon and ink replacements.


kitchen monitor

IQRS Kitchen Monitor

The iQSR interactive touchscreen monitor enhances the speed of kitchen service and reduces customer wait times at Quick Service Restaurants. By integrating with the MySystopia app and or self-ordering Kiosks, it enables pre-orders, click & collect, and click & delivery. The kitchen monitor software provides visibility and control over the ordering process, allowing direct management of orders from POS, waiter handheld devices, and web/mobile apps, ensuring efficient preparation and chef oversight. 

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