Point of Sale System for Corporate Hospitality

TCPOS is a complete solution for managing guest service in restaurants, canteens, and corporate environments. It helps reduce queues with self-ordering and pre-ordering features. TCPOS supports all payment methods to boost employee satisfaction and revenue.

Flexible Catering Point of Sale Platform

The TCPOS solution is a versatile POS system ensuring smooth service in corporate catering areas. Efficient and secure, TCPOS can be deployed across multiple functions and locations, all while being managed from a central location. TCPOS enables organisations to create fluent environments, improving engagement and satisfaction among employees and guests. While accurate data reporting provides clear visibility into day-to-day operations.

Enhance Facilities Performance

TCPOS simplifies your hospitality operations. It provides you with the right tools to reduce queuing times, offer flexible payment options and make informed data-driven decisions. TCPOS improves your business efficiencies and allows you to focus on delivering exceptional experience.

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Robust System Integration

TCPOS seamlessly integrates with your existing hardware and software systems to enhance the digital transformation of your business. We provide robust project delivery, training, and post-sales support to ensure success.

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Data Led Decisions

TCPOS empowers you to gain complete visibility into your business performance. We provide you with data analytics and insights to always ensure informed decision-making.


Flexible POS Features

TCPOS provides a wide variety of POS solutions. From traditional operator-assisted tills, self-checkout systems and pre-ordering kiosks, to fast AI-powered visual dish recognition units. These solutions all help to shorten long wait times and improve employee satisfaction.

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