AI Checkout – Scan, Pay, Enjoy!

Visioncheckout technology provides checkouts with literal ‘vision’ or eyes to observe the food items on a plate and accurately calculate their prices. In this blog, we take a deep dive into the system’s functionality and explore its full capabilities. 

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Consumer buying habits have fundamentally changed in recent years with tech the driving force behind them. Mobile wallets, Apple Pay and AI-driven checkouts mean the purchasing journey is more dynamic than it’s ever been.

One A.I solution that is being embraced across a myriad of hospitality settings this summer is an autonomous checkout – otherwise known as VisionCheckout. With this technology, checkouts are quite literally being given ‘vision’; eyes to view what food items are on the plate, recognise them and calculate the price.

This is being widely adopted by workplaces as many are refining their hospitality operation and customer journey. In light of the hybrid approach to working, it’s important that when staff are in the office they buy their food and drink on-site and not visit other nearby eateries. A slick, effortless experience will go a long way in securing their loyalty time and time again.

Here are just some of the reasons why workplaces are choosing VisionCheckout:

  • 6x faster: Speed is one of the most significant perks that comes with autonomous checkout. Recognition of what is on the plate takes place within half a second – which is 6x faster than a traditional checkout.
  • Increase overall operational productivity: In the wake of rising energy bills, increasing food prices and staff shortages – VisionCheckout can transform the overall efficiency of any operation. Staff that may have traditionally been on the checkout can be utilised in other areas of the business, the checkout area can be reconfigured to make more room for produce to be displayed and promotional signage can be moved to more prominent areas.
  • No more queues: Due to the speedy nature of VisionCheckout queues are dramatically reduced – if not eradicated completely. Not having to wait in line to pay is a big appeal; especially in the workplace when often there are time limitations on a lunch break.
  • Choice of payment: Consumers can pay via contactless, mobile wallet, workplace ID card, Apple Pay – the list goes on. All are just a simple swipe and mean the entire checkout experience is complete in a matter of seconds.
  • Positive impact on the bottom line: Streamlining operational efficiency and driving maximum footfall and sales will ultimately impact the bottom line and help to drive revenue and profit.

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