How to Improve Hospitality Customer Experience with AI

In this blog you can learn how organisations can adopt AI-powered Point of Sale (POS) solutions to provide seamless service and improve operations in their food & beverage areas.


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Although AI is already firmly cemented in our daily lives, it is being taken to new levels when it comes to improving customer experience – and businesses need to adapt if they want to keep up with this rapidly evolving technology and the many ways that it can transform their daily operations.

The retail sector is already adopting AI-powered operations by introducing self-checkouts and Scan & Go services. Fast food outlets have also integrated AI by adopting self-ordering kiosks which offer customers easier ordering and payment options. However, the corporate hospitality sector is at risk of falling behind on the opportunity to delight their employees and valued guests using AI-powered solutions, and why not, a unique and memorable breakroom experience may be all it takes to win over a high-value client or potential employee.

Corporate organizations recognize achieving success requires improving customer experience and optimizing operational performance. In all corporate organizations, the employees are the first customers and advocates. Designing a good workplace experience for them results in satisfied primary customers who eventually become loyal brand advocates.

In the corporate organizational setting, one critical touchpoint that can easily be overlooked when providing a good employee experience is the office canteen. The canteen is a place where colleagues can have meetings over a delicious meal and drinks. It is also an excellent place to catch up with coworkers and, if well-designed, can be an agile environment that fosters productivity, collaboration, and problem-solving.

Unfortunately, many corporate organizations struggle with the chaos of poor office canteen operations, from inaccurate billing, incorrect food item supply, to manually reviewing items and totalling them using outdated dashboards. This leads to frustrating long queues and waiting times, decreased productivity, and employee dissatisfaction with having to spend their valued break in lines.

To address these challenges, organizations can adopt AI-powered solutions to provide seamless customer service and improve canteen operations.

How to Improve Workplace Customer Experience

With a myriad of options available, products like visioncheckout are increasingly emerging as a popular choice for workplace staff canteens. This software is being widely adopted by workplaces, as many are refining their hospitality operation and customer journeys.

For Corporate organizations who have successfully enforced a partial or complete return to office policy, it is important that, when staff are in the office, they have their meals within reach. Employees can unintentionally extend their lunch breaks when searching for food outside the office. A well-stocked canteen with several healthy options and catering to specific nutritional requirements and allergies will ensure that employees can make the most of their break, and feel refreshed when they return to their desks, further increasing productivity and saving time.

Cutting the Lunchtime Queues

To address the pain of sluggish wait lines at lunchtime, visioncheckout offers a speedier process for customers – in fact, they process transactions at 6x the speed of a traditional checkout. The technology quickly scans the customer’s tray, logs each food item using its comprehensive database, and calculates the total. With this technology, checkouts are quite literally being given ‘vision;’ eyes to view what food items are on the plate, recognise them from different angles, and calculate the price. This is all done rapidly, and the technology is only going to continue to evolve and improve. With each newly completed scan, the system creates a more robust database that enhances its efficiency.

Behind the scenes, the meal items can be updated regularly depending on what food and drinks are on offer. For example, businesses can add bespoke breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus to the vision checkout database to ensure every article is accurately stored. Nutritional and allergen information can also be added to ensure a smooth, seamless customer experience for everyone.

Easy Payment Options

An image of a man paying with his card at the visioncheckout till. This shows how visioncheckout is improving customer experience

Staff can choose from a range of payment options, using their chip and pin card, phone, or even workplace ID to quickly pay for the pre-selected items. This breadth of opportunity makes the entire process easier and faster, enabling them to get the most out of their break time. When staff have limited time to take their lunch breaks, every second counts. With reduced queues, too, visioncheckout technology prioritises customer experience.

Improving Operational Efficiency

Speaking of getting the most out of something – visioncheckout technology offers increased operational productivity for the business. With a faster turnaround time at checkout, more people will be served in a shorter amount of time.

In the wake of rising energy bills, increasing food prices, and staff shortages, visioncheckout can transform the overall efficiency of any corporate hospitality operation. Staff that may have traditionally been at the checkout can be utilised in other areas of the business, adding more value by providing better customer service instead of being tethered to a till.

The checkout area can be reconfigured to make more room for produce to be displayed and promotional signage can be moved to more prominent areas to drive footfall and increase sales.

The visioncheckout AI technology operates by logging the items on a tray against the items in its database and inventory in real time. It can integrate with the TCPOS inventory management system or any other third-party inventory management system. This ensures that businesses maintain an up-to-date inventory system at all times.

Boosting Loyalty

Employers should be asking themselves how they can make their hospitality areas as enticing and appealing as possible. Many workplaces are choosing to implement loyalty schemes and promotions, as a simple yet effective tool to draw employees and guests in. Loyalty solutions enable hospitality providers to easily configure complex promotional pricing, points-based campaigns, and gift card services into their system and provide a valuable channel of interaction with customers.

The loyalty promotions are automatically applied when the transactions are processed, so there is no need for additional resources to ensure the promotion is rolled out correctly.

Providing a Personalised Experience

The visioncheckout system also provides rich transactional data. By getting to know the purchasing habits of customers. it allows for more targeted offers and promotions in the future, which should, in turn, increase repeat purchases.

The checkout experience is just as much a part of the decision-making process as the menu options, ambience, and customer experience. An effortless experience goes a long way in securing their loyalty time and time again. This benefits the business, provides more jobs in the canteen, and leads to an increased retention rate of employees.

The visioncheckout system is now available. Watch the video demo here and contact us for all enquiries.

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