Driving Corporate Hospitality Revenue with Loyalty Schemes

In this blog post, we discuss how integrating loyalty schemes into corporate hospitality environments can drive revenue growth. Learn more about TCPOS’s versatile loyalty program engines, tailored promotions, and subsidy strategies to enhance customer loyalty and increase average spending.

An image of work colleageues sitting around a tables and toasting with wine glasses. This image illustrates the outcome of using TCPOS loyalty schemes in corporate hospitality.


Fulfil Your Retail Potential

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Loyalty schemes have been around for years. They are a battle-tested strategy for attracting new customers and rewarding existing ones. In recent times, loyalty schemes have become more and more sophisticated, and are now being rolled out in various forms as a means of delighting and retaining customers.

Loyalty schemes are particularly relevant for corporate hospitality – the hospitality sector within the workplace. These are the establishments which had traditionally seen guaranteed footfall through their outlets five days a week. But with the normalisation of the hybrid working models, inevitably, many workplaces now experience reduced overall footfall during the week. This has led to losses in revenue. It has also created the need for hospitality service providers in these corporate environments to get creative and make compelling offers worthy of attention, and to encourage maximum spend whenever employees are on-premises.

How to Integrate Loyalty Programmes Into Your Payment System

There are several types of customer loyalty schemes such as points programmes, tier-based programmes, spend-based programmes, free delivery, discounts etc. However, seamlessly integrating a new loyalty programme into an existing POS & Mobile application isn’t always as straightforward as it may seem, and as a result, many hospitality service providers are discouraged from introducing these new initiatives – This is where our TCPOS loyalty programme engines can help.

TCPOS offers an easy way to set up complex promotional campaigns, including pricing, points-based campaigns, and gift card services. The TCPOS loyalty program is versatile and can support multiple campaigns and promotions running simultaneously. If you’re running these campaigns in various kitchens and office canteen locations, you can activate and manage all the promotions in real-time from the central office.

Better Intelligence Equals Tailored Promotions

As a corporate hospitality service provider, knowing and staying close to your customers should be a top priority for growing your revenue. TCPOS enables you to do this, by providing you with rich transactional data and insights into the preferences and buying habits of customers. With this data, you can tailor special offers and promotions to target your customers based on their previous purchasing history.

Loyalty Points And Gift Cards Drives Repeat Businesses

Repeat customers are more loyal, they buy more often and spend more. With the TCPOS Points Management function, you can reward your customers for their current visit, and encourage them to return to purchase again, earning them more reward points when they do. 

Additionally, the Voucher Management solution offers loyal customers gift cards and discount coupons to redeem on future visits – this can also be given as a printed physical copy or digitally – not only further encouraging repeat visits, but also acting as a marketing tool.

Subsidies Increases Average Customer Spend

Subsidies are also a great tool for driving customer loyalty and encouraging spending. They can be applied easily where required, for example, in a discounted workplace canteen. The subsidy function can be implemented at the individual or company level and be automatically applied at the point of transaction. This can also be an effective strategy for influencing consumer behaviour, for example, if you want to encourage healthy eating habits, you can offer subsidies on certain meal items encouraging your employees to opt for those meal items.

Subscription Guarantees Revenue

TCPOS can also be used to roll out a subscription-based service. For example, employees could pay £15 a month and get a coffee a day or £30 a month and get a daily lunch deal. Subscriptions mean that you have guaranteed revenue each month and can also forecast expected sales and stock levels better as well.

Account Management

For corporate environments that issue access cards to staff, TCPOS configures these cards into an effective cashless mode of payment. And if your company maintains customer accounts, our flexible customer account system handles prepaid and in-house charges with the ability to send monthly invoices. These accounts can be managed with a physical card, mobile or using manual ID when paying for items at the POS. TCPOS Customer management allows you to demonstrate your brand strength by getting to know them better.

All these elements are additional perks for employees and add appeal to purchasing food and drink from corporate catering outlets.

Simple And Easy To Set Up

Bringing a loyalty programme to life doesn’t have to be an arduous task. We have implemented these at all kinds of locations and the process is simple and easy for the corporate hospitality sector. Creating and managing the promotions is intuitive to learn for management and will be automatically applied when staff are entering the transactions, ensuring your business and the staff are creditable to the consumer. Discounts and deductions may be applied automatically to the articles sold during the transactions.

To learn more about how we can help you transform your business operation contact us for an initial assessment.

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