How to Deliver Exceptional Meeting Room Hospitality with the Digital Concierge

Corporate offices are investing more in creating impressive meeting room experiences to showcase their workspaces and facilitate important gatherings. As in-person meetings regain popularity, Zucchetti UK’s Digital Concierge solution brings top-notch hospitality directly into the meeting room environment. With a user-friendly digital interface, hosts can seamlessly order catered food and drinks, request AV assistance, control room amenities, and reduce waste—delivering an exceptional, tech-forward experience.


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Corporate workplace culture places great emphasis on meeting room hospitality. From basic interviews with potential new hires to elaborate luncheons with customers or partners, many organisations allocate significant budgets to hosting guests and visitors at their offices. They are willing to invest substantially to create an impressive experience for prospective employees or to help secure major deals.

With more people returning to in-person work, physical meetings are regaining popularity, and offices are once again fully embracing the opportunity to showcase their workspaces while hosting face-to-face gatherings. This resurgence has driven increased demand for efficient and polished meeting room experiences.

Introducing The Digital Concierge

Solutions like Zucchetti UK’s Digital Concierge bring top-notch customer service directly into the meeting room environment – think of it as a virtual butler at your disposal. With customisable menus, easy ordering via tech devices, and cost savings for the business, it elevates the meeting experience.  

Seamless Integration and Control

The designated meeting ‘host’ accesses a digital page on a tablet, iPad, or smartphone, putting them in control of the Digital Concierge system. From this interface, they can order food and drinks, request audio-visual technical assistance, adjust the room temperature, or summon a server, all at the tap of a button.

All food and drink orders go straight to the hospitality team, who prepare the items and deliver them directly to the meeting room door, eliminating the need for attendees to visit separate coffee or dining areas. Digital Concierge can be configured to offer a rich menu of made-to-order drink choices, including lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites, and alternative milk options like oats, almonds, or soya. 

Efficiency and Waste Reduction

Importantly, Digital Concierge reduces waste – no more large coffee and tea pots sitting untouched and going cold, only to be discarded and replaced. This practice leads to substantial waste reduction and associated cost savings, as dedicated wait staff is no longer needed to constantly refresh beverages.

The customisable menu means meetings of any kind can be properly catered for – whether a simple mid-morning coffee break requiring just the hot and cold drink offerings, or a private executive luncheon where a more extensive food menu would be appropriate. The experience adapts seamlessly to the occasion.

Cost Savings and Operational Efficiency

Digital Concierge can provide significant monetary savings for a business. Simply curtailing the waste of perishable items, which are typically made in large batches at the start of meetings and then left to spoil, results in major cost reductions over a year. Additionally, operational expenses can be better managed as staff rotas and resourcing needs can be aligned with actual meeting room bookings rather than maintaining excess staffing. Staff can be redeployed to other areas during quieter periods. Between reduced wastage and optimised labour costs, the investment in implementing Digital Concierge could potentially pay for itself, not to mention the operational savings that go straight to the bottom line.

The whole Digital Concierge experience embodies a slick, efficient, tech-forward style that exemplifies the type of modern solutions we increasingly see integrated into various aspects of our lives.

Contact us here to learn more about how Digital Concierge can improve your workplace hospitality operations.

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