Reinvent Meeting Room Hospitality

In this blog we discuss how tech is driving how we experience hospitality – from how we pay for food and drink, to accessing menus, allergy information and more.

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Tech is driving how we experience hospitality – from paying for food and drink via digital wallets, Apple Pay or smart phones to scanning QR codes to view menus, allergy information and preordering items – digital is the way forward.

Bringing this tech-first approach into workplace hospitality areas aligns businesses to the modern approach their employees are accustomed to in their everyday lives. Our solutions are for all hospitality areas – including those that don’t traditionally spring to mind, such as meeting rooms.

Our Digital Concierge solution helps deliver a 5-star customer service experience to the meeting room.

The Digital Concierge gives meeting delegates access to freshly-made barista style hot beverages, cold beverages and food items – which are all ordered via a touchscreen on a tablet, iPad or smart phone, which is situated in the meeting room.

All food and drink orders go direct to the hospitality team, who prepare and deliver the items direct to the meeting room. The menus are all customisable and can be easily tailored to suit a businesses’ food and drink offering. Allergy information, along with free-from options, can also be included on the menus.

Digital Concierge also supports businesses’ Corporate Social Responsibility goals by helping to eradicate food and beverage waste. The solution reinvents back-of-house operations allowing refreshments to be made freshly to order. Waste generated from large pots of stale tea and coffee, plates of pastries, biscuits and fruit not being consumed, is completely eliminated. Our clients have achieved a return on investment in less than six months based on reduced wastage of perishable items that were previously being supplied in advance of meetings.

In addition, operational cost savings can be made as staff resourcing can be managed far better. Rotas can be organised to align to the quantity of meeting room bookings, and staff can be re-deployed to other areas at quieter times.

The overall experience is far elevated; the meeting host can concentrate on the meeting, not on pouring out drinks and offering food, it’s a slick and professional service and offers delegates a superior range of refreshments. It’s a win/win.

Furthermore, Digital Concierge can also include buttons to call for assistance with other meeting room requirements such as audio or visual support or help adjusting the air-conditioning or temperature.

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