The Benefits of Self-Checkout in Corporate Hospitality

From enhancing the customer experience to 24/7 operations, In this blog, we explore the many benefits of self-checkout solutions in corporate hospitality areas.

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Two of the major advantages of installing a self-checkout payment option in your corporate hospitality environment is the frictionless customer journey it offers and the opportunity to drive increased revenue.

Self-checkouts – which consumers have become long-accustomed to in supermarkets – essentially give control over to the customer, who can walk up, scan their items and pay for their goods without any assistance from staff members.

Allowing consumers to be in control of their check-out journey also encourages increased revenue for two reasons; enhanced customer satisfaction and out-of-hours sales.

Consumers are far more likely to stay on-site spending their money if they know the checkout process is going to be at their own pace and timing. In the age of speed and convenience, removing any frustrations associated with a slow purchasing journey or long queues equates to happier customers.

In addition, as self-checkouts don’t require any staffing, they can operate 24/7 – perfect for workplaces with staff working early or late hours – and also results in increased revenue that will benefit the bottom line.

Our range of self-checkouts are available in different configurations from desk-top set ups to small footprint kiosks, which easily fit into any environment. This versatility means there is an option to suit every operation.

We also have designed the interface to be incredibly simple and straightforward, so consumers can easily use it without any need for intervention. From the point of confirming the order, self-checkouts can be installed within a matter of days and the screens can be branded with an organisation’s logo and branding. Self-checkouts also offer a range of different payment options, from digital wallets, Apple Pay or a simple tap of a corporate badge.

Self-checkouts are largely utilised to complement the range of Point of Sale options already installed. Depending on the size of the organisation and amount of footfall through the dining areas, we can advise on the configuration that will best suit your food service operation.

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