Upgrade Your Meetings with Bespoke Hospitality Tech

In this blog, we discuss how innovative POS solutions hold the key to unlocking a new level of corporate meetings. Explore how these systems can streamline processes and impress visiting guests.

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Tech is driving how we experience hospitality on a daily basis, from browsing menus to ordering, from payment to loyalty apps, and from restaurants to offices.

Given that 15% of an organisation’s collective time is spent in meetings, corporate hospitality is becoming an increasingly larger part of how we experience hospitality overall…

According to recent studies, senior executives spend over 20 hours per week in meetings, and employees attend over 60 meetings a month. Just imagine how many cups of tea and coffee are needed to sustain them and how many interruptions occur due to refilling huge urns of hot water. Not to mention the overordering of refreshments that go stale throughout the day, only to be thrown out and wasted.

New corporate hospitality POS (point of sales) solutions have been built to address and eradicate all of these issues…

Enhanced Experience with POS Solutions

These new POS solutions extend from cafes and bars to corporate meetings and office events. The ability to pre-order, and order on demand, is transforming the way people experience corporate hospitality.

Self-service POS hardware, like tablets and kiosks, is installed in offices and meeting rooms for staff to order from – just like they would in many modern restaurants. All food and drink orders go directly to the hospitality team, who prepare and deliver the items to the meeting room at the allocated time. The menus are all customisable and can be easily tailored to suit a business’ food and drink offering. Allergen information, along with stock levels, can also be included on the menus.

The overall experience is far elevated; the host can concentrate on the meeting, not on pouring out drinks and offering food. Visitors receive their orders right on time, with minimal interruption.

POS Solutions That Make Business Better

Self-service POS and self-ordering kiosks or tablets enable businesses to meet their ESG and CSR goals by helping to eradicate food and beverage waste.

With each item made fresh to order, leftovers are a thing of the past! Instead of catering without knowledge of people’s preferences, corporate hospitality POS solutions help businesses make informed decisions about portions, allergies, and stock.

In addition, operational cost savings can be made as staff resourcing can be managed far better. Rotas can be organised to align with the number of meeting room bookings, and staff can be redeployed to other areas at quieter times.

Point of Sales Systems

Hospitality and restaurant POS systems have evolved to cover the entire customer lifecycle, reducing reliance on staff for clerical tasks and ensuring their skills are put to use in the roles that add more value.

Other options that use this type of POS hardware and tech include food retailers using self-ordering kiosks. By implementing this type of hardware and software, staff are less tethered to payment areas and are able to provide customers and guests with a better overall visit and a personable, tailored experience.

Discover the corporate hospitality POS solution for your needs here or get in touch today.

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