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Eataly: Merging Retail with Food and Beverage Operations

Discover how Eataly successfully merged retail and food & beverage operations across multiple sites with tailored Point of Sale solutions.


Tailored TCPOS platform to meet Eataly’s needs for both Retail and Food & Beverage environments.

Scalable POS system that continues to adapt and grow with Eataly’s international expansion.

Tailored inventory and warehouse management system providing real-time stock control.


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Pasta, wine, and pizza: Eataly represents the very best in Italian eating and culture. The company is one of the largest marketers of Italian culture and consumer goods worldwide. It currently operates in 27 locations in the UK, US, Brazil, Dubai, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Italy, and Germany.

 Eataly takes pride in the quality of food offered in their restaurants. With the in-house deli-style market, customers can buy the ingredients from their meals in the same location. Customers can also watch the chefs prepare fresh pasta and baked goods and participate in Italian cookery courses in the same venue. Eataly offers food from small, regional producers and showcases the people and stories behind the products. At Eataly, particular emphasis is placed on products from the ‘slow food’ movement.

Eataly’s Requirements

Eataly’s business perfectly embraces two industries – F&B and retail. This positioning drove the need to have a seamless integration between both business units through a robust POS system that can fully support both restaurant and retail settings.

 The two business segments – retail and gastronomy – had to form a unit, and the divisions needed to communicate with each other on a deep data and product (stock) level. This is because their goods and products are not just used in gastronomy and retail but can wander from one division into another.

 In addition, Eataly was searching for a solution to assist in its further international growth – Eataly needed a solution that was multilingual, capable of dealing with multiple currencies, and functional worldwide.

“When we began to consider the IT solution for Munich, we already had our entire orientation for the German market in the back of our minds. We were looking for a future-oriented system and that is exactly what we found in Zucchetti – a flexible system which can cope with both gastronomy and retail trade. The real win for our strategy is the scalability of the project since, with Zucchetti’s POS solutions, everything is multilingual. It complies with the respective tax regulations so that it can be used by the central team in English and by all the others in their respective languages”.

Micol Viano – CEO Eataly DE Distribution GmbH.

Effective Stock Control

With TCPOS, Zucchetti deployed the platform’s ‘stock control’ or inventory management module, which manages over 160,000 sales products. Eataly’s recipes, inventory, and incoming goods can now be managed internally, and with real-time access to stock levels without the need to adopt any other solution.

 The tailored point-of-sale solution possesses the functional scope of a refined goods management system. The solution also provides complete warehouse management – respective inventories, lists of all suppliers, and order triggers. The entire product control is conducted via the TCPOS management software.

Activating the TCPOS Customer Loyalty Engine

An image of a smiling customer giving her order to a waiter at Eataly restaurant

Zucchetti implemented the TCPOS customer loyalty engine for Eataly to reward their loyal customers and ensure their satisfaction as returning customers. This engine allows for the integration of vouchers and discount codes, as well as the management of promotional campaigns. For example, customers who purchase an item within a deal can receive an additional item or product free of charge.

Continuous Growth and International Expansion

TCPOS has remained integral to Eataly’s continued international growth and expansion by meeting the multicurrency and multi-language requirements. Zucchetti and Eataly have continued to work on further development of the project to connect all future markets worldwide to the central database.

 “…Today, we are working with Zucchetti on further development intended for Denmark, and we will continue to develop and use Zucchetti’s solutions for our European markets. We work extremely well with Zucchetti in a respectful and direct relationship because, if you can solve any problems personally, that makes things so much simpler.”

Micol Viano – CEO Eataly DE Distribution GmbH.

TCPOS is currently being deployed in retail and hospitality businesses across the UK, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.


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