Systopia deploy TCPOS into The Ford Center in Indiana

Systopia are proud to announce the game-changing deployment of the TCPOS solution into The Ford Center, a 12,000-seat indoor arena located in Indiana.

In this blog you can discover how TCPOS has enabled The Ford Centre to level-up their guests experience within their food & beverage and corporate hospitality environments.

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As a pioneer of innovative technology solutions, Systopia, Zucchetti North America are proud to announce the game-changing deployment of the TCPOS solution at The Ford Center, a 12,000-seat indoor arena located in Indiana. This momentous occasion is the first stadium/arena installation for TCPOS in North America and is set to revolutionize the way visitors experience events.

The Ford Center

Nestled in the heart of Indiana, The Ford Center stands as a prominent hub for entertainment. As the proud home of a professional ice hockey team and a sought-after venue for a myriad of concerts and events, it caters to diverse audiences and events.

Systopia’s Contribution

Traditional POS Deployment: In its mission to enhance the visitor experience, Systopia has introduced a staggering 70 traditional Point of Sale (POS) systems at various food stands within the arena. This integration is set to streamline and expedite food and beverage services, ensuring that customers can enjoy their favourite treats without unnecessary delays.

Tablet POS for Private Suites: With an eye on the comfort and convenience of attendees in private suites, Systopia has deployed 12 tablet POS systems. These devices facilitate swift and efficient order-taking, bringing the arena experience to a whole new level of comfortability and customer care.

Self-Ordering POS / Kiosks: To cater to the changing landscape of consumer preferences, The Ford Center now boasts four self-ordering POS kiosks. These user-friendly interfaces empower guests to place their orders with ease and minimal wait times, adding an extra layer of convenience.

Kitchen Monitors and Printers: Behind the scenes, Systopia’s technology extends into the kitchen preparation areas. With kitchen monitors and printers, the flow of food from the preparation stage to the customer becomes smoother, resulting in an even better dining experience.

The Victory Theatre

Right across the street from The Ford Center stands the historic Victory Theatre. Systopia has also left its indelible mark on this iconic venue by introducing TCPOS in the concession areas. This expansion ensures that visitors at The Victory Theatre enjoy the same level of streamlined service that The Ford Center now offers.

Systopia’s Vision

At Systopia, the deployment of TCPOS at The Ford Center and The Victory Theatre marks the beginning of an exciting journey. We are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions that elevate the spectator and event-goer experience, making every moment memorable.

As TCPOS takes its first steps into North America, it adds up a significant step forward for the industry, ushering in a new era of convenience and efficiency.

Stay tuned for further developments, and thank you for joining us on this thrilling journey.

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