The use of cash has been on the decline across the UK in recent years, and it seems lockdown has further accelerated the shift away from cash as a preferred method of payment for many.  A study by Link found cash machine withdrawals fell by 60% during April 2020, compared with April 2019.

Similarly research carried out by Paysafe shows that 54% of UK consumers have tried a new payment method since the COVID-19 outbreak, with 12% using digital wallets for the first time.  Given the focus on social distancing as we emerge from lockdown, the move towards more digital methods of payment that allow as little contact as possible look set to continue.

A tech innovation gaining in popularity is Scan & Go.  With many businesses exploring how they can create as safe an environment as possible for people when they return to work and on-site hospitality facilities begin to reopen, the ability for users to literally serve themselves using their smartphones is appealing to many.

Consumers using Scan & Go simply scan the label using their smartphone camera and pay via the mobile wallet.  It can be incorporated within the mySYSTOPIA app, offering many benefits for consumers and businesses alike.  Users can link multiple payment cards, manage their account balance, pre order for collection and so on. They can also benefit from loyalty schemes and redeem rewards they have earned. 

Revenue from on-site hospitality is hugely important for many of the businesses we work with and running these sites as efficiently as possible is key. The data provided by the mySYSTOPIA app aides stock control, reduces food waste, and can help streamline operations.  Targeted marketing and personalised offers are also great tools in driving sales across specific product lines or at certain times of the day.

There is no doubt hospitality facilities are going to be different – for a while at least – but that is not to say they can’t adapt and evolve, maybe even becoming better as a result.  Embracing technology is going to be key in providing consumers with what they want in the ‘new normal’ as safely as possible, as well as enabling businesses to grow revenue from on-site facilities.

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