Following the Prime Minister confirming that 19th July is ‘Freedom Day’ for the UK, England recently entered the final stage of its Covid lockdown roadmap.  One of the changes taking effect is the end of the ‘work from home’ directive.  Since March 2020, those able to work from home have been urged to do so – it has been a long 16 months for many trying to juggle their home and work life and has left offices empty.

In response to the Government announcement, many businesses are now in the final stages of preparing offices for the return of their workforce.  With many people looking forward to being able to meet face-to-face again with colleagues, and put a stop to the endless Zoom meetings, we have seen an increase in enquiries about our Digital Concierge service, with many realising it could be a tech solution that could help enable them to provide corporate hospitality to meeting delegates post-COVID.

Digital Concierge is a tablet device which extends 5-star customer service into the meeting room, impressing staff and guests alike, without the burden of paying for dedicated waiting staff.  People can order exactly what they want from a fully customisable food and drink menu, the order goes direct to the hospitality team, who prepare and deliver the items to the meeting room.  This not only reduces waste – no more large coffee and tea pots that sit and go cold, are thrown away and then refilled – but also drives down cost.

It also removes the need for lots of people to travel through the building to get their refreshments, as all the ordered items are brought directly to the meeting room for delegates. Although social distancing requirements will be ending, many might be keen to avoid contact where possible, especially while Covid cases are rising.

Digital Concierge also comes with an integrated credit card terminal so payment can be taken from the meeting room straight after ordering, offering users a quick and efficient service.

A big advantage for the host is that Digital Concierge addresses more than hospitality needs alone.  The service also incorporates a fully customisable on-demand assistance menu – think a virtual butler!  The aim is to ensure all areas of in-room services are covered, whether that be a change in temperature, help with IT support or stationery needs.  A floor walker is then notified of the request immediately on their mobile device and can action it straight away.

With face-to-face meetings soon back on the agenda, providing innovative hospitality solutions is high on the list of priorities for many we speak to in B&I. Despite the fact there will be no social distancing guidance, there is likely to be some anxiety about mixing in large groups after such a long time apart.  We feel Digital Concierge is a great solution for many looking to reopen and keep their employees feeling safe as we all adapt to yet another ‘normal’.

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