The preparation for returning to work is in full swing, with many of our clients reopening their offices and facilities in the coming weeks and months.

Lots of our clients are investing in new technology to ensure their facilities are adapted to the post-pandemic environment we find ourselves in. The tech systems don’t simply ensure they can adhere to COVID safety measures, but also ensure operations run in a more streamlined manner which saves valuable time and costs and increases efficiencies – regardless of the pandemic.

Some of our most popular products are being embraced as they virtually remove any human-to-human contact, greatly reduce queues, offer a quick and convenient user-experience, and allow for the whole ordering and paying process to be done online so there is no exchange of money at the point of collection:

  • mySYSTOPIA App: Allows users to pre-order food, pay and collect loyalty points all from their smart phone
  • Scan & Go: Customers can pick up and pay for an item by scanning the barcode on their smartphone, ideal for high-footfall outlets
  • Pre-ordering: Can be done via online or a self-service kiosk, enabling users to pre-order and pay for their food items, arrange a specific collection time or have it delivered direct to their desk
  • Self-service EPOS: Service can take place 24/7 even after eating outlets have shut, as users can pick pre-packaged items and pay for them at self-service kiosks at any time of the day
  • Contactless Vending: An integrated contactless payment method installed on a new or existing vending machine enabling users a hassle-free, tap and go experience with very little – if any – human contact
  • Label & Barcode Management System: A plug-in system which completely eliminates the need to input item data saving hours and hours of administration, offers bespoke label design and branding as well as batched print runs
  • Contactless Payment Solutions: Cash has been in decline for years and payment via debit card, mobile or cashless is simply expected

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