In today’s competitive market, the ability to attract new customers while keeping hold of existing ones is key. Whilst not a new phenomenon, recent research by YouGov and Mando-Connect shows that Brits are big fans of loyalty programmes, with more than three quarters (76%) being members of such schemes.

This popularity has resulted in hospitality operators coming up with increasingly creative and innovative ways to impress their loyal customers, in a bid to encourage repeat business.  However, seamlessly integrating a new loyalty programme into an existing system isn’t always as straightforward as it may seem and can result in operators being discouraged from introducing new initiatives – which is where our loyalty solution can help.

Essentially, our solution allows hospitality providers to easily configure complex promotional pricing, ‘points’ campaigns and gift card services into their system, as well as providing a valuable channel of interaction with customers.

For hospitality providers, the loyalty promotions are automatically applied when the transactions are processed, so no need for additional resource to ensure the promotion is rolled out correctly, plus it provides rich transactional data – getting to know the purchasing habits of customers allows for more targeted offers and promotions in the future, which should in turn increase loyalty. 

The Points Management function helps businesses reward customers for the current visit and encourages them to return to purchase again, earning themselves more reward points if they do.  Additionally, the Voucher Management solution offers loyal customers gift cards and discount coupons to redeem on future visits – which can be given as a printed physical copy or digitally – not only further encouraging repeat visits but also acting as marketing tool. 

It also allows sales transactions to be customised, offering specific groups of customers tailored discounts or offers, based on previous purchasing history. Subsidies can also be applied easily where required – for example a discounted workplace canteen. The subsidy function can be implemented at individual or company level and be automatically applied at the point of transaction.

Something that many hospitality operators share with us is their concern about increasing revenue as we emerge from the pandemic. One way that this can be helped is by offering a comprehensive loyalty scheme which rewards end users, encourages repeat business, and boosts the bottom line.

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