It’s fair to say the hospitality sector has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, with an estimated 660,000 job losses and a 40% reduction in revenue compared to last year according to trade body UK Hospitality.

There are chinks of light at the end of the tunnel – the UK has already started vaccinating the most vulnerable against COVID and with another couple of vaccines seemingly on the brink of gaining approval, 2021 should be a brighter year for the hospitality industry.

After the first lockdown many businesses began adapting their hospitality amenities to adhere to safety guidance, with many turning to technology solutions to help do this.  As we prepare for the year ahead, it’s essential that businesses adapt their on-site hospitality facilities.

We offer a range of tech solutions which can help rebuild hospitality safely, benefitting the bottom line as well as helping employees feel and stay safe. 

  • The mySYSTOPIA app allows users to pre-order and pay for food items as well as collect loyalty points all using their smartphone quickly and easily. Orders can be delivered direct to employee’s desks or pop-up collection points can be set up throughout the office for cold food such as sandwiches and salads, reducing the number of people gathering in the canteen.
  • Another useful tech innovation is Scan & Go which enables consumers to select and pay for items by scanning the barcode with the camera on their smartphone, all via the app.  Perfect for ‘grab and go’ style sites where queuing to pay for items isn’t ideal – plus it completely eliminates unnecessary human contact. This also enables businesses to offer 24/7 service, especially valuable if break times are being staggered or staff are working flexible hours when they return to the office.
  • Contactless Vending is another good option – an integrated contactless payment facility which can be installed on new or existing vending machines.  For businesses it eliminates the costs involved with handling cash and for users it offers a hassle-free tap & go experience – without the need to carry money or a wallet. It also means refreshments can be on offer at all times of the day, without needing to increase staffing.

These are just some of the tech solutions that are available to help businesses navigate their new environments, aide profit growth as well as help users stay safe – all of which is of huge importance.

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